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There are no losers in Sales Incentive Solutions. We generate winners every week.

Our expertise is sales. We have long experience and sound knowledge of the retail chain and trade. We will help make your staff more committed through different sales promotion means. Our own product Pisa Profit is used by dozens of our customers.

Pisa Profit is an easy-to-use browser-based Sales Incentive Solution that will help you sell more and continually activate your staff. With Pisa Profit, you can lead your sales to the products and utilities you want.

Pisa Profit provides real-time information from sales that will help your staff look after your customers better.

We provide our Sales Incentive Solutions as turnkey productions, from designing the competition to the end.

Sales Incentive Solutions need awards

Awarding the winners in the Sales Incentive Solutions is important. We have the right channels to order and deliver awards.

Communication is the key to better sales

Communication has an important role in Sales Incentive Solutions. Good advance planning and communication all the way keep competitors and management up to date with the results and help you achieve better results.

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Award Delivery

Don’t hesitate to contact us. Jarkko Hakkarainen, puh. +358 400 547 042 or jarkko.hakkarainen@pisa.fi